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Rebel Rebel is a no-rules natural wine bar in Somerville's Bow Market. We’ve received three James Beard Foundation nominations for our accessible approach to wine and hospitality. We give a fuck (about wine and about you). We believe a wine bar can be a place for the community to engage, grow, and communicate. We also believe in the power of natural wine to bring us back to the foundations of our connection to farmers, to women, and to the planet. Think that sounds like a bunch of woo-woo bullshit? Come hang out and let us show you what we do. 

Some nitty-gritty.

We’re a bar at heart, but we’re also a team of passionate, thoughtful, and opinionated people who’ve historically been left out of the conversation. This space is devoted to our voices and the voices of our peers, and we hope it provides a new perspective on, for, and about the wine industry.

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Natural wine. No bullshit.


Owner + Wine Director of Rebel Rebel/Dear Annie/Wild Child.
Natural wine. No bullshit.